Japan Earthquake

A strong tsunami hits Japan by a magnitude of 8.9. The earthquake destroyed the northern coast of the Japan on Friday, March 11th 2011. This disaster has turned a huge industrial state into a huge disaster. According to a spokesman of Japan government, over 1000 people have died in this sorrowful incident.

Experts say that this is the most powerful earthquake that ever hit Japan in last 120 years. till now, it has destroyed around 200 miles of roads. The distraction may cause more as still there is a warning of more hits.

Airport at Japan, after the earthquake

Flood of cars.... Blown away by tsunami

Destroyed buildings

Roads and other means of communication destroyed

Shipyard at the coast

People try to save their houses

Cars floating....

\Whirlpool after the tsunami

Water is advancing towards the cities
Intensity zones in Japan
Warning for more hits in these areas


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